Dr Samina Khatun, DPsych, MSc, BSc, HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist

Welcome to Find You Counselling Psychology Practice. Therapy provides a safe space where you can share and explore your thoughts and feelings with someone who will listen respectfully and with care. Whatever difficulties you are experiencing we can explore together and find a way to help you understand what may be keeping you stuck, so that you can heal and live your life with greater ease.

Find You Counselling Psychology practice provides face-to-face individual, online and couples therapy for psychological difficulties and personal development. Psychological therapy can help you deal with any difficulties and the aim of this website is to support you in making the right choices for you.

“Therapy has been an interesting journey for me where I have learnt so much about myself – I couldn’t have asked for a better counsellor. She has helped me a lot and I will most definitely recommend her” ~ client

What Client’s Say

“Samina’s assistance has been invaluable to me.  She’s got such warm approach and her voice is calming and reassuring which I found excellent during our sessions. Within a few weeks after my treatment started, I can feel I am the person I was long long time ago – happy, with lots of positive energy and looking at things from a diffrent perspective” ~ client

What Client’s Say